Upgrading to Windows 10 Might Be Less of a Headache

It looks like Microsoft is absolutely determined to install Windows 10 on every computer it can. It is definitely a change from Windows 7 and 8 but it may be a worth while one to just go through with the install. It's become a recommended update which means the upgrade might start happening to you automatically. If the install to Windows 10 starts when you're mid-way through a project, cancelling it might prevent your computer from booting so let it do its work if you find yourself in this situation.

Eventually you ARE going to have to get used to it, just like you had to get used to the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7, so what better time to take the plunge than when it's free?

We have done the upgrade for countless people already without any issues so we can do the work for you. We back up your data for you, install and test the new operating system and make sure all your applications are still working for you as well.

You can also attempt to do the install yourself. If you decide to take it on yourself I recommend a few things first.

1. Back up your data! (You should be doing this anyway) - If you don't have one get an external hard drive or a bunch of USB flash drives and make copies of your important data onto it before continuing. We have both of these available in-store.

2. After the install, when asked to make a Microsoft Account, write down the address and password you used and store it in a location you'll remember. This is important for recovering your data in the future if things do go wrong.

3. Be prepared for a different look! It may be intimidating at first but it's not drastically different on how you navigate. There's still a web browser, favorites, documents, pictures, music folders. It's all still there. It's just a more modern interface.

4. Remember we're here to help. Sometimes things go wrong, you may feel like you're the only one computer problems happen to but believe me that you're not alone. If your install goes bad, we can get you up and running again. No need to schedule an appointment, just bring your system in and we'll get your computer fixed up.