Windows 10 is a hit!

Windows 10 seems to be a hit!  Bringing back the old start menu was a good idea on Microsoft's part but I'm incredibly impressed with how smoothly the upgrade process is going for most people.

Just like with everything (yes, even Apple) there have been a few screw ups here and there with the upgrade and a few people have needed service. For the most part, though, it's been great! I've upgraded all my home computers without a hitch. One of our office computers didn't take the update the first time but it corrected itself after a reboot and went back to Windows 7. On the second attempt, the update took and it's running smoothly.

So... I'd say it's safe to try the update yourself if you were curious about Windows 10! If you're still scared of doing the update yourself bring the computer into the office and we'll do it for you so you won't have to worry.

Here's a video showing off the basics of what's changed in the new version as well and how to navigate it. I recommend watching it regardless if you're new to Windows or not.