SCAM ALERT - This time for tax payers

A scam email has been making its rounds to everyone's inbox claiming to be the CRA. The website it links you to looks legit and all but this one is scarier still as it asks you to enter your SIN number. I don't know how many people have fallen to it already but a few people have come close.

Here are some helpful tips to point out why this is a scam.

-If they had your email address they wouldn't be referring to you as "Dear TaxPayer". They would at least have your first name.
-If you clicked on the address, it wouldn't actually lead you to the website it shows on the screen.
-The subject line indicates that you have been sent money but the Action Required is telling you to deposit money.
-CRA won't use INTERAC e-Transfer for ANY of their transactions. That would be for personal transfers only.

Stay safe on the internet, share this post with your friends and family, and happy surfing.